Braintrust + SKALE: Creating IRL Crypto Applications



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Join the Braintrust + SKALE Twitter AMA hosted by Braintrust Co-founder, Adam Jackson and SKALE founder, Jack O’Holleran on Thursday, October 7 at 10am PT

👉 👉 👉 Follow the Twitter chat with the hashtag #cryptoIRL

This event will be hosted on TWITTER. Follow along on Twitter by following the participants:
Braintrust @usebraintrust
Braintrust Co-founder, Adam Jackson @adamjacksonsf
Braintrust Co-founder, Gabe Luna-Ostaseski @gabelunao
SKALE Network @SkaleNetwork
SKALE CEO/co-founder, Jack O’Holleran @jackoholleran

Please note, this event will take place on Twitter, you can follow along the chat feed, live.

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