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2-Day Masterclass / The creative body-mind approach to move beyond survival mode & co-create healing

Hosted by Irene Anggreeni
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Throughout your healing journey…
Do you recognize yourself as a giver, and seek to transform yourself through being in service to others?
Curious how you can use your resources and build a solid support system so you can make a lasting impact?

This 2-day masterclass is for mental health survivors and advocates who find it in their calling to make a positive impact in this world. Facilitated by Irene Anggreeni, Dance Movement Psychotherapist (clinical) and Experience Expert by way of overcoming her own depression.

She will share insights and her creative embodiment approach to help you move beyond survival mode towards transformative healing. You will discover the scientific know-how and take-home practices so you can craft your personalised action plan for self-care.

What you'll learn:

Day 1 | Nov 4 13-14 CET (Amsterdam time)

  • Key practices to help you move beyond survival mode

  • Including daily habits to support your healthier, happier and more balanced life

  • Practical tips to get unstuck towards finding your flow again

Day 2 | Nov 5 13-14 CET (Amsterdam time)

  • Mind-body shifts that will help you transform your healing process

  • Strategies for self-care that supports you long-term in your mission

  • Guidance and support to start integrating your self-knowledge and take action

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You'd love to engage in self-discovery and are looking for a safe container for the process

  • You may be in the recovery/maintenance phase after a mental health challenge or are currently preventing it

  • You are looking for support with a long-term outlook on your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing

  • You want to understand the impact you’re creating and are seeking expert guidance on how to do it sustainably and with focus

  • You are ready to challenge your self-beliefs and are willing to let go of the ones that don't serve you anymore

  • You want to rediscover your creativity, joy and self-expression and live more fulfilled

About Irene

Irene Anggreeni is a dance movement therapist, mental wellness coach and founder of Expat Wellbeing. She is also a depression survivor and formerly an engineer. Throughout her migration journeys, she has finally rediscovered her home within and come home to herself. Now she helps fellow survivors who want to make a collective impact in the healing of our communities. With her magical blend of creative embodiment, mindfulness, mind-body shifts, and peer support. She facilitates authentic expression, playful connection, and empowerment through movement and the exciting possibilities it creates.