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IPVM In-Person Workshop Q1'23

Hosted by Fission & 3 others
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About Event

The IPVM Workshop is a 3-day in-person workshop for people working on IPVM and closely related projects. As the initial IPVM implementation continues, there's been a desire to pick each other's brains, explore each other's use cases, share what we've learned, and roadmap out the highest value parts of the project.

Remote participation is possible, but being in the room with a whiteboard is valuable and strongly recommended.

This is not a conference. Presentations may happen as needed, but the intention is to have three very focused work sessions on topics including (but not limited to) ABI-as-IPLD / Wasm components, raw performance, discovery mechanism, desired transactional semantics, naming / packages, optional incentivization layer, FVM interop, and so on.

We created a discord channel dedicated to the workshop, join the server here:
Here is the channel link: