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IPFS þing 2023: 🐺 CYOA Dinner

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Bruxelles, Bruxelles
Past Event
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Choose your own dinner adventure at Wolf Food Market, conveniently located directly across from the IPFS Thing venue, Radisson Grand Place.

‼️ Registration Required

  • If you plan to attend, you must register for appropriate headcount

  • You will be checked in upon arrival

  • If you have not registered before arriving, we will ask you to register before you can enter.

Upon arrival, find a miwa team member (aka me or Nicole) at the entrance of our private space. We will check you in and give you a Wolf Card filled with $25 to redeem your food at any of the restaurants in the market. Drinks, however, must be ordered at the bar in our private space. But don't let this hold you back! You are welcome to sit or go anywhere in the market that you'd like.

Feel free to post many photos and selfies in #general on slack <3

You can find all menus here.