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About Event

With the co-sponsorship of our friends, PL Launchpad, we are hosting a magnificent Game Night.

8:00 pm - Dinner in the Lobby Restaurant
9:00pm - Dinner closes and move to Parlour Room forgames
11:00 pm - Evening officially ends
1:00am - We can keep our space until this time.


(This may not have all items but what is there will be pulled from this list)

  • Tortilla stuffed with crispy vegetables and fried chicken with soy chili sauce

  • Focaccia bread stuffed with mozzarella

  • Sun-dried tomatoes and basil oil

  • Bruschetta with tomato and basil.

  • Julienne of ham and Parmesan cheese

  • Mix of spicy olives

  • Confit vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes peppers)

  • Seasonal green salad, mushrooms, radishes, tomatoes and raspberry vinaigrette

  • Vegetable frittata, tomatoes

  • Seared sliced lamb with fresh ginger

  • Shrimp croquettes, wasabi mayonnaise

  • Watermelon (in season)

  • Strawberry mousse with light yogurt

  • Chocolate brownie

  • Mini chocolate and vanilla mille-feuille

  • Whole seasonal fruits

  • Coffee tea and sweets

‼️ Registration Required

  • If you plan to attend, you must register for appropriate headcount

  • You will be checked in upon arrival

    • Proceed to the right of the bar (between the bar and Shanghai Kitchen)

  • If you have not registered before arriving, we will ask you to register before you can enter.

How to participate?

All of the games will be populated in our Unconf Session Spreadsheet under the last tab "April 18 - Game Night Signup."

  • Signup to host your favorite game (or two!)

    • Don't forget to bring your game(s)!

    • Please note that this is entirely self-organized. Much like leading a track, you'll be in charge of communicating with your players and gathering them to your table.

  • Signup to participate in a game

  • Watch others participate

What will be provided?

  • Some board games (will add them to the spreadsheet once we figure out which ones)

  • Decks of cards

  • 2 chess sets

  • 2 puzzles

What? Special Prizes?!!?

  • Yes, you heard that correctly, we have a few special prizes for the winners of Yuni + Nicole's hosted games.

  • But, we won't tell you what they are until you get there, so hurry up and register!