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This Month in IPFS - Live stream



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This Month in IPFS - Live stream

Join Daniel, Developer Advocate and guests from the IPFS ecosystem for This Month in IPFS, which will be streamed to YouTube and IPFS Twitter

In this community-oriented live stream, we’ll discuss everything happening in the IPFS ecosystem.

In this first episode of the year, we’ll have three special guests:

  • Ryan Discordian, Developer Advocate for IPFS, will give a tour of an encrypted peer-to-peer chat app built with IPFS

  • David Justice, Engineer on the Browsers & Platforms team, will demo a new Pin Tweet to IPFS and discuss his work making IPFS accessible to more users by applying it to real-world use cases.

  • Chris Anderson, Engineer on the will give an update on some of the recent releases from and give a demo of the CLI.

The live stream covers a wide range of topics related to IPFS, including live coding sessions, guest interviews with IPFS contributors and developers, and updates on the latest developments in the IPFS community and working groups.

The live stream will feature Q&A sessions with the audience. It could also include demonstrations of how to use IPFS and how it can be applied in various contexts.

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