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This Month in IPFS - Live stream

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This Month in IPFS - March 2023

Join Daniel, Developer Advocate and guests from the IPFS ecosystem for This Month in IPFS, which will be streamed to YouTube and IPFS Twitter

For March, we will have the following guests:

  • Brendan O'Brien: Brendan is working on Iroh, a new implementation of IPFS in Rust and hosting the Move the Bytes Working Group.

  • Robin Berjon: Robin heads Governance & Standards at Protocol Labs. He's been making web things and trying to build a web worth wanting for a couple of decades. He's done a lot of work on open standards and privacy, and is passionate about turning the web into a space that is operated collectively and cooperatively.

  • Ryan Plauche: Ryan is a Texas-based engineer working with Little Bear Labs currently working on the IPFS in space project. This project is focusing on applying content-addressable data & tooling to satellite communications. His background includes shipping code for inventory scanners, in-car GPS units, and open source flight software, and an ever-growing love for pushing bytes with Rust.

The live stream will cover a wide range of topics related to IPFS, including live coding sessions, demos, guest interviews with IPFS contributors and developers, and updates on the latest developments in the IPFS community and working groups.

There will also be a Q&A session, so come with all your IPFS questions!

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