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IPFS Implementers Working Group

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This meeting is for those investing in creating and maintaining IPFS implementations. It’s a forcing function to ensure IPFS specs and IPIPs are being reviewed and engaged with by crucial stakeholders of IPFS.

✅ This is the place for:

  1. IPIP discussions, especially contentious ones. IPIPs won’t be merged without at least one opportunity for synchronous discussions at one of these meetings.

  2. Explore a protocol bug and get some initial feedback on what can be done (i.e., in real life, “request for comments”)

  3. Get an initial survey of an area and suggestions on what IPIPs should be written.

❌ This isn’t the place for:

  1. Questions about the difference between CIDv0 and CIDv1.

Items like this should happen in the IPFS forum or IPFS chat channels.

Meeting notes