Cover Image for IPFS Dapps Working Group
Cover Image for IPFS Dapps Working Group

IPFS Dapps Working Group

Hosted by Adin Schmahmann, Daniel N & Ed
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The IPFS Dapps WG aims to:

  • Establish verified retrieval as the norm for retrieving CIDs on the web

  • Decrease the reliance on trusted gateways

  • Improve the experience of Dapps on IPFS with better tooling, both for developers and users.

​✅ This is the place for:

  1. Discussions on active or planned work to further the goal of decentralized Dapps that leverage IPFS

  2. Discussions of IPFS specs and IPIPs that impact the Dapp builder community

  3. Projects looking to engage in what the future of IPFS based Dapps should look like

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