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India Philanthropy Forum 2023 | London

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About Event

About The Event

India – a land of a billion lives threaded in its deep diversity and cultural heritage is a powerful force to reckon with on the global landscape. A country, at a crossroad, simultaneously grappling with immense opportunities and complex social issues, India presents a unique canvas for philanthropic initiatives that will create lasting change.

The inaugural edition of the India Philanthropy Forum 2023 in London, will bring together for the first time, diverse organisations in the UK with an India focus, under one roof to exchange ideas and further inspire action towards social impact. The 1-day Forum will foster dialogue, share knowledge and provide networking opportunities to engage the philanthropic community across both regions further. Our event aims to embrace the GEDI (Gender, Equity Diversity & Inclusion) principles across all aspects of the forum.

This event is invite-only for a curated guest-list. Request an invite if you wish to attend this event

Event Date: 13th November 2023

Event Timing & Venue:

9.00 am – 4.30 pm BST | Main Event

Saddler's Hall, 40, Gutter Lane, London – EC2V 6BR 

5 pm - 7 pm - Cocktails & Networking supported by Bloomberg L.P.

London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE, 12, Walbrook, London - EC4N 8AA                                                       

Event Hosts: Dasra in collaboration with The British Asian Trust and Indiaspora

Session Themes:

Hear from inspiring philanthropic leaders, sector experts and change makers on our curated India-focussed themes covering:

• Collaboratives for unlocking systems change in India

• Supporting community leaders and organizations

• Innovative philanthropic financing for catalytic impact

• Accelerating the momentum around gender equity

• Intersectional climate action for India

• Building the ecosystem for philanthropy to India

How to attend: Fill in the "Interest Form" before 1st November, 2023 by clicking "Apply to Join" on this page.

​​Detailed Schedule & Agenda: To be announced soon