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Event Information

In groups of 3-4 on Zoom this will be an informal chat about our challenges and tips when it comes to distributing content when you’re not marketing to marketers

How ContentUK Chats work

Every month we’ll tackle a different topic; a common challenge content folks face.

  • You’ll be put into a Zoom breakout room with 3-4 members to have a chat about the month’s content topic

  • To help guide the conversation, there will be discussion questions to get you started

  • Don’t worry if you have no idea about the topic area! You can just jam and learn from others :)

Discussion points

  • What are your biggest content distribution challenges? (go around each person in the group)

  • Do popular content distribution playbooks work when it comes to marketing to NON-marketers?

  • What are your favourite examples of content from companies in ‘boring’ industries?

  • How do you go about getting content to your audience if you don’t belong in that space?

  • How can you build relationships with people that your audience trust so they can help distribute content?

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