How Will iOS 14’s New Policy 
Affect Facebook Advertising?

Mar 11 (Thu), 7:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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How Will iOS 14’s New Policy 
Affect Facebook Advertising?

In case you haven't heard the news, there's a lot going on in online advertising. Apple’s iOS 14 privacy updates are all the rage these days. As someone that advertises on Facebook or relies on Facebook for your business, you'll surely be affected. This session will help you understand the impact of the change and discover ways to optimize your FB ad accounts in preparation.

What we'll cover in the webinar:

  • What to expect in the short, medium, and long term

  • Verifying your domain

  • Web Events, what they mean, and how to add them

  • Make sure server-side tracking is on in Shopify

  • Optimize your creative to improve all-round performance

  • Other channels and strategies worth exploring

Tune in to learn how Apple’s iOS 14 update limits your 
advertising efforts and what you need to know as an 
ecommerce brand to cope with the change. You'll get answers to your burning questions like:

  1. What's Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy and Data Use Update exactly?

  2. How Will the New Policy Affect Your Business?

  3. What I Need to Do as an Ecommerce Entrepreneur to Prepare for it?

About the Speakers:

Tim Keen is the co-founder and CEO of Loop Club, a performance marketing agency for purpose-driven Shopify brands. His team is responsible for over $100M of trackable eCommerce revenue in the past 5 years. He's on the front lines of the iOS 14 update and is looking forward to helping the ecosystem grow with actionable information to help your business survive and thrive in the new normal.

Jeremiah Prummer is the co-founder of KnoCommerce, a survey platform dedicated to helping eCommerce businesses better understand who their customers are, and where they're coming from. Our team is on the cutting edge of cookieless attribution - leveraging direct customer feedback to help digital brands better understand their marketing attribution.

Brad Redding is the Founder & CEO of Elevar. Elevar, an official Shopify Plus Partner, helps over 5,000 eCommerce brands automate the setup and improve the accuracy of onsite data collection and event tracking.

We'll dedicate plenty of time for a live Q&A at the end of the virtual meetup, so in case you've got some more specific questions that needs answers, here's your chance. Send us your questions in advance so we can answer them in detail.

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