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Re-Align PART 2: A Self-Care Session on Inviting In

Hosted by Kim Gorchs
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Once we breathed out, we need to breathe in. With every inhalation, you are starting fresh. What do you want to invite in?

You are on a new path. We all are. Always changing and re-aligning. While this time of the year particularly lends itself to assess our lives and selves, if you would like to, you get to do this every day, with every breath, in fact. There is always a choice: What do you want to invite into your life? And then: Are you READY to do the work?! Let us come together and invite in what is calling us with all of our being, with all that is inside of you. With all that you do not know about yourself yet. LET'S DREAM BIG!

This self-care circle is for business owners to come together. We will ease in with an Instinctive Meditation practice, then take time to journal with prompts relating to the topic. There will be time to share (totally optional) and then we will integrate the practice with a movement session. Get yourself set up in a comfortable spot, grab a journal, and bring an open heart.