Is Copying A/B tests Good, Bad, Or Anywhere In Between?

Dec 10 (Thu), 5:00 PM UTC


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Yep. You read the title right.

There seems to be no consensus among marketers as to whether it's a good idea to copy A/B tests or not.

One marketer claims that copying A/B tests is good. Another claims that copying A/B tests is bad. And still, another claim being anywhere in between is the way to go.

What makes it even more confusing, though, is that they both might be right. In their own regard.

In this jam-packed live session, Khalid Saleh and Jakub Linowski will take a chew on this bone of contention. The two will also have an in-depth discussion of patterns, heuristics, tactics, best practices of A/B testing.

No matter the size of your company or maturity, you will gain more knowledge on a lot of tactics that will help you win more A/B tests and avoid pitfalls.

In this session, you'll learn:

1. Is copying really that bad?

  • The glory of differentiation. The demonization of sameness. Hello, similarity.
  • Copying outside online experimentation(apprenticeships, heuristics, and tactics in other professions, genetics, and evolutionary theory) :)

2. Remembering experiments - the value of button color experiments

  • Replication & Generalizability
  • Magnitude of effects
  • Minimizing publication bias

3. Experimentation vs Exploitation Vs Exploration

4. A Simple Copying Process

  • Exploit before Experiment
  • Grouping positive patterns together
  • Lower time-to-benefit
  • Higher impact

So yeah. If you are interested in mastering the art of A/B testing your way to more conversions and revenue – this session is for you.

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