Cover Image for 🪩 Intuition Disco: Tune In, Trust, and Transform Your Work Life
Cover Image for 🪩 Intuition Disco: Tune In, Trust, and Transform Your Work Life
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🪩 Intuition Disco: Tune In, Trust, and Transform Your Work Life

Hosted by Roz Duffy
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Are you at a crossroads in your work life, seeking to make decisions that align with your true purpose? Whether you're navigating your career path, running your own business, or exploring new opportunities, join us on the Intuition Disco dance floor for a 90-minute virtual workshop and Q&A designed to help you recognize, trust, and tune into your intuition.

In this engaging and interactive workshop, you'll:

🔮 Learn practical exercises and techniques to strengthen your connection with your intuition
🔮 Discover strategies for discerning between intuition, fear, anxiety, and old patterns
🔮 Gain insights from real-life examples of how intuition has guided successful decision-making in various work situations

No matter where you are in your work life – employed, self-employed, or in transition – this workshop will provide you with the tools and support you need to navigate your path with clarity and confidence.

What to expect on the dance floor:

🪩 Opportunities to share your experiences and challenges with intuition in a safe, supportive environment
🪩 Personalized guidance on overcoming doubt and fear when pursuing new opportunities or facing changes in your work life
🪩 Ideas for how to apply intuition in your career, business, creative endeavors, and leadership roles

Get ready to tune in to your inner wisdom, trust your intuition, and embark on a transformative journey in your work life.

Join us for the Intuition Disco on Friday, April 19, at 12pm EDT via Zoom. Register now to reserve your spot on the dance floor!

About your hosts:

Susan Gorman is an intuitive counselor with over three decades of experience working with individuals to help them tune into their inner knowing. A master teacher and guide, Susan has the ability to see the real you from a higher perspective. By sharing her gifts, she helps her clients gain fresh perspectives on situations in their lives, helps them trust what is already within them, and develop strategies for positive change and growth.

Roz Duffy is a creativity coach and facilitator who followed several threads to arrive in Susan’s inbox in 2020 (what a year that was!). Since then, Susan has been her counselor, guide, and teacher, helping her tune into and trust her intuition, leading to exponential creative growth!

Hosted By
14 Going