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Are you curious about the future of the web but not sure where to start?

You must have seen your Twitter and LinkedIn timelines full of threads and posts related to how web3 is the future of the internet.

But for a beginner, clueless and curious about the space, where to begin?

There is so much happening new every day that you are not able to filter substance from the noise.

To help you out and paint you a much clear picture of the introductory world of web3, we are having a session this Wednesday by our fellow Saumya Saxena who has launched multiple projects in web3 space and looks after growth at Makerdock which is a startup studio focused on shipping products for the next wave of users in web3 ecosystem.

Saumya would be accompanied by Jayant Ramanand, he is operation lead at MANTRA DAO and crypto educator with his series How to DeFi. He’s built the infrastructure business with PoS validator nodes and is currently working on new DeFi 2.0 initiatives keeping regulators in mind - a result of starting his crypto journey at Hex Trust a licensed custodian for institutional crypto.

The session would be happening at 7 pm on 22nd of March i.e. Tuesday

Register for the event by filling in your details, and we will see you at the session with your eth domains :p

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