Building Child Care for All Communities: Learn how to advocate for mixed delivery in California



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About the Meeting

​Learn what's coming with Transitional Kindergarten in 2022 and how you can advocate for mixed delivery, a better model for children, families, and providers.

You'll walk away with a clear playbook you can use right now to advocate for a mixed delivery care system could transform California early care and education to work for all communities and child care providers.

This event is the beginning of the conversation, and an introduction to advocacy for anyone impacted by child care legislation (providers, teachers, families, foundations).

The Problem

With the expansion of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) coming to California in 2022, many families will have a new opportunity to access an additional year of free school. But many will be left behind because of the way TK is delivered.

TK is only offered through public schools, with limited hours (many are just offering 3 hours), inappropriate staff training and curriculums, and inconvenient locations. So the families with the least resources (supplemental care, transportation) will struggle to utilize these new services.

The Solution

Allowing all ​child care providers to participate in TK enables families to choose which program best fits their needs.

​This is called "mixed delivery" and community-based child care programs are a key to this system. In a mixed delivery system, both public and private programs utilize public funds to build a seamless early care and education system designed around the needs of children and families. It's the future of equitable, affordable child care, and we desperately need it in California.

Who This Is For

This call is for anyone working, being served by, or funding child care and early learning:

  • Providers (FCCH and center-based)

  • Teachers and administrators

  • Parents and caretakers

  • Advocacy organization

  • Foundations and funders of early learning

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