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Cover Image for x Account Abstraction Meetup (Edition 2)
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
Past Event
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About Event is a one-day community meetup where the intent space's brightest minds converge, with the focus on: 

  • ​Exploring the diverse applications, benefits, and real-world use-cases of intents.

  • ​Delving into the intricate designs and implementations of intent architectures.

  • ​Unpacking the far-reaching implications of intent technology on account abstraction, storage proofs, and rollups.

​Initiated by Particle Network, delves into how intents are transforming user experiences, transaction efficiency and design princples in crypto. 

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Particle Network | Particle Network is a Web3 infrastructure project. Its primary offerings include zkWaaS (Zero-Knowledge Proof Wallet as a Service) and the Intent Fusion Protocol. Its focus is on elevating user experiences within decentralized applications (dApps) through the implementation of secure, non-custodial social login features.

By creating an Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer for Web3, Particle Network is committed to accelerate the transformation of Web3 and pave the way for mass adoption.

CyberConnect | CyberConnect is a web3 social network that enables developers to create social applications empowering users to own their digital identity, content, connections, and interactions.

OP Crypto | OP Crypto is an early-stage venture fund that backs the leading founders and asset managers across Asia and the West, with a focus on consumer infrastructure. As a full-stack fund, we work alongside our founders and support them at every step of their entrepreneurial journey.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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