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Cover Image for India Taxation Webinar for NRIs
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India Taxation Webinar for NRIs

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About Event

Hi all,

India tax season will be starting soon with filing deadline as July 31. Join us for an engaging session with CA Ajay Vaswani to learn on India taxation and compliance. This is a must go event if you're a NRI trying to figure out your India compliance requirements.

Agenda -

  1. Defining NRI Tax Status

  2. Concept and Scope of Income

  3. Types of Income and Taxation

  4. Statutory/Voluntary Compliance and Benefits

  5. Consequences of Non-Filing of TAx Returns

  6. Tax Deducted at Source and How to get Refund

  7. Exemption from TDS or Availing Lower/NIL TDS

  8. Taxation of Real Estate Transactions

  9. Repatriation of Funds from India

  10. Live Q&A

About the Guest -

Mr. Ajay Vaswani is an experienced and skilled Indian Chartered Accountant with a decade of experience exclusively in NRI taxation, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of International Taxation regulations.

Since 2012, Ajay has devoted his practice exclusively to NRI taxation and FEMA regulations, carving a niche for himself in this specialized domain. His unwavering focus on this area has endowed him with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, making him a trusted advisor for Non-Resident Indians seeking clarity and compliance in their financial affairs. He handles clientele from over 20+ countries.


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