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US-India Taxation Webinar for NRIs

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Hi all,

With 2024 here, US tax season will be beginning soon. Join us for an engaging session with Deepak Sharma and Sanjiv Gupta CPA to learn on taxation and compliance. This is a must go event if you're a NRI trying to figure out your US-India compliance requirements.

Agenda -

  1. Defining NRI Tax Status: Learn how the US defines NRI for tax purposes and the implications on your financial obligations.

  2. Income Reporting Requirements: Unravel the types of income that NRIs must report in the US, including global income.

  3. Avoiding Double Taxation: Understand the benefits of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between the US and India.

  4. Strategic Tax Planning for NRIs: Get insights into effective financial and tax planning strategies tailored for NRIs.

  5. Foreign Assets and Reporting Obligations: Learn about FATCA and FBAR requirements for foreign bank accounts and assets.

  6. Taxes on Foreign Stocks and Real Estate: Delve into the specific tax implications for NRIs investing in foreign stocks and owning real estate abroad.

  7. Impacts of Changing Residency Status: Find out how obtaining a Green Card or US citizenship affects your tax liabilities.


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