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Join Dr. Jeff and the kinkofa team bi-weekly for a talk back on the latest episode "In Those Genes" Season 2. We'll discuss how each topic intersects with the family history discovery. Catch us live on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Season 2, "She Get It From Her Moma”, builds on Season 1 and asks the central question - “Is it genetic?!”

Episodes in this season focus on understanding the origins of long-held beliefs about inheritance within the Black community that, in some cases, are and are not supported by genetics.

For example, one of our favorite episodes, “Black Don’t Crack,” will explore prolonged aging and will take a deep dive into the “fountain of youth” using a genetic lens. Additional episodes will cover the genetics of rhythm, athleticism, and body shape while simultaneously learning the history of how these traits became racialized.

Episodes are released bi-weekly. Listen here, Spotify, or Apple Music.