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Innoco x EduDAO Workshops & Hackathon

Hosted by Nicole Sun & 4 others
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About Event


One of the organizers of the event started feeling sick around 7 pm on August 4th while at the event and later tested positive around midnight.

Members of the house who attended the event are now isolated in case we also contracted covid. To be safe, the event will no longer be happening on August 5th and 6th.

Stay safe everyone!


Innoco and EduDAO are hosting a day of workshops, meet and greets, and an intimate hackathon event at the Innoco hacker house in Itaewon on August 4th!

You can come on the 4th just for the workshops by Sui and Polygon, to hang out and meet our members, or stay longer and participate in the hackathon.

Full information doc:

Aug 4th hangout day schedule:

Noon: Opening keynote + lunch + meet and great

1-3: Sui workshop

3-4: Polygon workshop

4-7: Hacking and vibes

7-8: Dinner + meet and great

8-12: Hacking

Hackathon info:

This is a tight-knit, invite-only hackathon with 10k in prizes. You will be surrounded by founders who've raised multi-million dollar rounds, builders who've won international medals in programming and security, and innovators that run $100M+ venture funds. You'll have the first opportunity to learn from core developers from emerging chains like Sui. Don't miss out!

How to participate in the Hackathon:

Apply as a Developer:

Apply as an Attendee: Register to this Eventbrite and we will accept based on availability, prioritizing speakers and developers.

What you can expect:

Free food, hacking spaces, and curated workshops from the core developers of our partnered ecosystems.

Dates: August 4-5th, 9am - 12pm.

Prizes: 10k

Location: We are taking over a 4-story house in Itaewon — the most English-friendly neighborhood in Seoul.

Tracks: Our hackathon tracks are EVM, Rust, and Move!

Judging: We'll be hosting a Demo Day with Decipher!

Who are we?

Innoco is a decentralized potential incubator of the most exceptional young talent in the crypto space. We want to provide a home for all the self-starters taking an unorthodox path in life — regardless of where they are from. Learn more here.

EduDAO is incubating the innovators of tomorrow. By empowering university groups and centers through resources and active capital, it aims to foster blockchain innovation and collaboration for the benefit of all. Learn more here.

Our Sponsors:

Tier 1: Sui by Mysten, EduDAO

Tier 2: Polygon, Rok Capital, Airfoil Studios

Tier 3: Decipher, Blockchain at Yonsei