Quieting Your Inner Critic Workshop



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Self-doubt got you down? Exhausted riding an emotional roller coaster? Let’s reclaim that inner conversation.

In this workshop you’ll take the mask off your inner critic and clear the way for a more supportive relationship.

Your inner critic was created to protect you. It formed when you were young and felt unsafe, but no one was there to protect you. Now, your inner critic is there and sees everything outside your comfort-zone as dangerous. It yells some form of “You’re not enough” to keep you playing small, so you stay safe. Taking this message at face value is no longer helpful, yet underneath it lies useful information.

This workshop uses a mix of group coaching and getting crafty to help you take charge of your inner dialogue and use the info it holds, instead of letting IT hold you back.

Bring your creativity and courage and let's create your biggest supporter from your worst critic.

Valerie Friedlander, CPC, ELI-MP is a Life/Business Alignment coach with over 20 years of spiritual and science based personal development study and practice. In addition to her life coaching certifications and mediation training, she has a background in sociology, business management, and creative arts. She loves helping high-achieving, multi-passionate women to create a present and purpose-filled life.

She upholds that Black Lives Matter, trans women are women, climate change is real, and reproductive rights are human rights.


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