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Balancing Innate and Adaptive Immunity: Nutrition Focused Testing

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​​​​Join us in this Live Class where Roger Deutsch, CEO at Cell Science Systems provides an in-depth presentation on Balancing Innate and Adaptive Immunity: Nutrition Focused Testing. You will take home the following learning points:

  1. The interactions between the innate and adaptive branches of the immune system and a discussion of new mechanisms of immune-mediated tissue damage that is triggered by foods and chemicals.

  2. How testing for functional immune cell responses can be utilized to guide eating and nutritional supplementation

  3. The development of additional cutting-edge tests that aim to optimize immune function through diet and nutrition. 

There is a great need to implement diagnostic tools that can reliably identify foods and nutrients that enhance immune function whilst avoiding the perpetuation of chronic inflammation, mitigation of diseases of aging (i.e., cancer, frailty, cardiovascular disease) autoimmune, metabolic disease, and more.

New research has recently emerged demonstrating the relevance -analytical and clinical validity - of functional cellular technologies in guiding diet and nutrition but also elucidating additional mechanistic understandings of the role of foods and other dietary and environmental factors, including the role of cell free DNA, in moving toward immunologic balance, better immune function and the elimination of chronic inflammatory conditions. 

Data from recent clinical and mechanistic studies of the ALCAT test for food and chemical sensitivities, performed at Yale School of Medicine, Georgetown University, University of Leipzig and other institutions will be presented in the context of their relevance to the need to optimize and harmonize immune function, the lack of which is not only of utmost urgency today but is an ongoing need for functional medicine practitioners.

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