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Influencing the Ideal Customer Profile as a Customer Success Leader

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It’s clear why companies create an “Ideal Customer Profile” definition—it directs focus across customer-facing teams. But for many companies, the exercise of creating an ICP is broken. It’s created by a team seemingly detached from customers and the output is a lifeless, slow-to-evolve document. 

But ICPs “done well” are powerful tools for acquiring and growing the right customers. And it’s the Customer Success leader’s job to fix the process by bringing the voice of the customer and the “reality” of what successful customers look like, to the ICP definition. 

In this roundtable, we’re bringing together some of the brightest minds on this topic to discuss: 

  • How CS should partner with Marketing and Sales to influence the ICP definition,

  • What data and trends CS leaders need to bring to the conversation,

  • How to develop a process for CSMs to share which customers are “successful”,

  • How CS teams can use ICP definitions as playbooks for expansion,

  • and more. 



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