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S1E6: When Will We Have Infinite Energy?

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Season One: How do we fix the UK? Just F***ing Build Something.

Episode Six: When Will We Have Infinite Energy?

In this episode, we'll explore why energy is important, what makes it expensive, and how to make it cheaper.


  • Jehan Azad - Fusion is closer than you think, and you can bring it even closer

  • Richard Ng - With renewable energy, the scarce resource is skilled labour

  • Jenny Chase - Solar will make electricity free by 2035 - but only during sunny hours

  • Adrian Johnston - Why the grid is f****d and how to fix it

  • Jerome Minney - What is a smart grid, and how do we get one?

  • Jason Kaplan - Post-mania, where next for lithium?

Plugged will be taking over the afterparty once again! Think Mario Kart, Solar Punk & Massive Tunes

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