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Show & Tell: Healthcare for Independents

Hosted by Indy Hall
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At Indy Hall, it's always been a mission to help independent people choose independent and alternative careers, but the #1 barrier continues to be affordable access to quality (hell, decent) healthcare.

Our healthcare system is not built for the fast-growing independent workforce. It often costs a fortune to see a doctor even after you've paid hundreds of dollars for a premium, so people are either trapped in jobs they hate or just...don't go to the doctor. Both bad for your health.

For many years, our founder Alex has been on a personal quest to find healthcare options that genuinely makes sense for freelancers, independent workers, and Indy Hall members. After countless attempts and dead ends, we believe we've finally found an option that flips everything we know about traditional healthcare and makes it work for people like us.  

On February 3rd at Show & Tell, Indy Hall welcomes Anthony Cafagna of Vitable Health. Vitable is a Philly-based healthcare provider that's focuses on making healthcare accessible and affordable for all people and all career types (especially people who are most often uninsured and underinsured), while also improving the quality of care and healthcare experience.

Anthony will share background on the company, how & why the traditional approach to healthcare is broken, and how Vitable is doing it differently with their providers. Attendees will be invited to join a pilot partnership between Indy Hall and Vitable to offer members and their entire households affordable access to virtual & in-person care.

Indy Hall members work differently, so our healthcare model should work differently too. We think Vitable could be a game changer. (Plus, Alex and I are both personally enrolled so make sure to ask Alex about his experience with a home healthcare visit!)

Attending this Show & Tell is completely free, and open to all independents/self employed people in the greater Philadelphia area. You do not need to be an Indy Hall member to attend!