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Staying in Demand | Stoa Masterclass

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Job security is the ability to get your next job, not keep your current one.”

The odds are that almost everyone has experienced or will experience unemployment, self-employment or despair at current job at some time in their working life.

The hardest part during these times is job hunting. When you are chasing companies you are going to get rejected. You are going to get rejected A LOT! 

Now, we are not going to tell you surface level things like how to make CV or cover letter. Our aim is to help you not let the economic and professional disasters happen in the first place. 

You have to re-think, re-position and re-configure yourself in the in today's sink-or-swim environment. 

Your strongest skills must be evident in all that you do. You must exploit their value, showcase them to the world, and create demand for yourself… not just once but multiple times.

Want to know how to get recruiters & founders to knock on your doors?

To help you with that, we are hosting a workshop on how to stay in demand in the job market.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn what ‘career moats’ are.

  • Understand what goes into building an unfair advantage.

  • Identify skills that are rare and valuable.

  • Learn how to market yourself so that opportunities chase you.

  • Get a framework to evaluate your next career move (an easy to use worksheet)

Your host:

Raj (@kunksed, 6k followers) will be sharing tips, tricks and strategies around creating an in-deman profile.

30 minute session followed by Q&As open to everyone.