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Getting Started with Inclusive Design

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Want to start designing for good but don't know where to start? Come and unpack the basics of inclusive design with us!

To help beginners get started, we've built the Inclusive Design Starter Guide, which will launch on April 5, 2023. This is a free robust learning guide on key concepts, definitions and practical examples related to inclusive design.

In this live session, we'll review the learnings from the guide, answer your questions, and show how you can leverage it to catalyze conversation on inclusive design!

We'll also give you an inside look at our free Slack community (with 200+ inclusive design practitioners) and our Inclusive Design Jam Academy, an educational hub on all things inclusive design.

This session will be led by Sandra Camacho (She/Her), the lead and founder the Inclusive Design Jam and creator of the Inclusive Design Starter Guide. She'll be joined by Marja Germans Gard, Ph.D., community member and thought partner on the guide.

​​​Who are we?

​​​We are the Inclusive Design Jam, an inclusive design learning community committed to making the access and use of products, services and environments equal to all. We meet in monthly jam sessions and in our Slack group to explore and workshop topics related to inclusive and equitable design.

The community and jam sessions are proudly hosted by Sandra Camacho (She/Her), aka Sandra By Design, an independent inclusive design consultant and educator based in Paris, France.

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