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Imposter Syndrome Dialogue

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Do you feel like everyone has it figured and they are genuinely talented and amazing, but you are lost? You are faking it. Deep down, you feel like you have achieved something because of luck or timing & it has nothing to do with your talents.

You are not alone. This feeling is called imposter syndrome. As per an article published International Journal of Behavioral Science, an estimated 70% of people experience these imposter feelings at some point in their lives.

If you face imposter syndrome, you might be denying yourself all the success you are capable of achieving.

Imposter syndrome can lead to feelings of self-doubt, crippling your confidence. It can lead to self-hatred. That's not healthy, right? This feeling of imposter can lead to anxiety and nervousness.

Let's learn to recognize it and take steps to overcome this feeling of being a fraud.

This Friday, I will be hosting a 20-min session to talk about, and then we will do a 45-min Q&A where you will be able to share your stories and ask questions on what you are dealing with.

From this talk+Q&A session, you will be able to walk away with:

  • Understanding of what is imposter syndrome

  • How to deal with it in your career

  • How to internalize your accomplishments

  • A toolbox for coping with and overcoming imposter syndrome in order to feel fulfilled at work and in life

  • An improved sense of your own value

If you have ever felt "Um, I don't think I'm good enough to be here.", then this session is for you.

❎ We will not be recording this session so there will be no replays available afterward. Anything that you share is not going to go public. So come and join to fight imposter syndrome and live the life you deserve.

We will send you a reminder 1hr before the event, so you won't miss it.

Your host:
Raj Kunkolienkar, Co-founder at Stoa School, BITS Goa Alumnus.