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Impactful Interactions: a Networking Workshop

Hosted by Climate People, Laurie McGinley / Via Lucent & Natalie Lavery
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Join Laurie McGinley to learn practical and actionable networking skills, find joy in networking, and learn how to do it in a way that meets your needs. Even if you loath networking, you'll walk away feeling better about it with tools to tap into the opportunities that effective networking brings into your life.

Laurie is a transformation guide who works with world changers on climate to help them shift perceptions of their fears so that they can open up new opportunities in their lives. She has been obsessed with how humans make change since 1990 and has helped hundreds of people do things they've never done before. She absolutely loves networking and does it for fun.

She may have been a matchmaker in a past life because making a killer intro scratches an itch that nothing else can touch.

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