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Empowering Product Managers with Salesforce

Digital Transformation is a major change program that will help companies succeed in the digital age; and in this ever-changing world of technology, organisations need people with the right skills and capabilities to respond to this change and innovate. Product Managers have a key role in driving the innovation process within an organisation.

Operational challenges such as good communication, correct data analytics and automated services require modern integrated solutions. This webinar will help boost your creativity, encourage you to identify the key areas of improvement in your own organization and understand how to address critical management challenges using the power of the Salesforce platform. 


17:00 - Open Doors

17:05 - Empowering Product Managers with Salesforce by iMovo

17:50 - Live Q&A

18:00 - End Session

About iMovo: iMovo Limited is an innovative market leader in Digitalisation and Advisory services. iMovo helps companies to transform digitally and improve their operations across the entire business spectrum – from management decision making through powerful analytics, to efficient sales management, marketing automation, robotic process automation and customer services operations. Starting out as a pioneer in the field of CRM and Business Intelligence 10 years ago, iMovo now serves customers across a number of markets including UK, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, and the Middle East. iMovo is a privately held company headquartered in Malta.

About Productized: Productized organizes different activities with the intention to boost the product community around the world. It was created by professionals from the engineering and design space, with a history of co-founding several pioneering projects in Portugal such as TEDx, Beta-i, Startup Weekend and Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon.

About the Speakers:

Bashara Hinnawi - Bashara is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Business Development, Management and Product Development. During the last 10 years he has dedicated his time helping businesses improve their processes and optimize the way they work through digital solutions. Leveraging on his experience, he has joined iMovo as a CRM Sales Consultant specializing in tailored Salesforce Solutions. 

Matheus A. Baeta - Matheus leads the business development efforts of iMovo in Iberia. He has throughout his career, dedicated himself to the exploration of new markets and the adoption of digital transformation as a core concept empowering customers through data-driven decision making thus achieving better, actionable, and sustainable results.

About the Host:

André Marquet - Product consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and inventor. Co-founder at Beta-i and Productized.  André has created the Productized Conference, one of the largest product thinking events in Europe. Coordinator of the first Product Management programs at Católica Business School, and Wild Code School.


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