Cover Image for FirstGen Presents: Visa Options for Immigrant Founders
Cover Image for FirstGen Presents: Visa Options for Immigrant Founders

FirstGen Presents: Visa Options for Immigrant Founders

Hosted by Ines Gramegna (FG) & FirstGen
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New York, New York
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About Event

​In this presentation and Q&A we'll be joined by Jonathan Grode, immigration lawyer from Greene & Spiegel who is passionate about supporting immigration issues for immigrant founders. With him we'll cover things like:

  • Strategies for immigrant founders

  • ​Visa options for immigrant founders

  • The +/- of each type of visa

  • The "how to" of the most common visas

  • Next steps and where to take it from here

​​Structure & Logistics:​​​

​​As a reminder, we start AT 5:30pm. Please make arrangements to be ready to start then.

​​​The format of this event will be a 45 min presentation followed by a 45 min Q&A session. It is designed to be informative but also informal so bring your questions!

​​Who should attend:

​​Founders or prospective founders who are immigrants and are trying to figure out their visa options. This may also be relevant for founders who are looking to support other key executives through the visa process too.

​​​A bit more about Jonathan:

As US Practice Director at Green and Spiegel LLC, Jonathan provides professional legal services relating to all aspects of American immigration law. He also provides presentations on US immigration for corporations, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce and small business forums. He has had over 25 years of experience in the business immigration law field and is passionate about supporting immigrant founders in particular in their quest to build and grow their businesses in the US.

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New York, New York