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Cover Image for MLOps Community x Modal Labs Meetup

MLOps Community x Modal Labs Meetup

Hosted by Audrey Liu & 3 others
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San Francisco, California
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Join MLOps SF for an exciting meetup with Modal Labs!

Modal's very own Charles Frye, along with two additional speakers, will share their experiences on evaluation, observability, and other productionization concerns for GenAI applications.

🎙️ Our Speakers

Charles Frye: Charles teaches people to build applications of artificial intelligence. After completing a PhD dissertation on the topic of neural network optimization at Berkeley in 2020, Charles worked at MLOps startup Weights & Biases and on the popular online course Full Stack Deep Learning. He now works as an AI Engineer at Modal.

Speaker 2: Effy Zhang - Effy (YC '23), founder and CEO of Baserun, will speak about testing and evaluation of chatbots and agents, including real-life examples and solutions to common problems. This will be discussion-based, so bring your questions!

Speaker 3: Alex Reibman - Co-founder of Alex is a former machine learning engineer with previous experience building AI products for cybersecurity R&D teams as well as MLOps infrastructure for firms such as American Express, Goldman Sachs, and Westpac. Alex will discuss several frameworks and deployment strategies for bringing AI agents from prototype to production including monitoring, testing, and debugging

📆 Agenda

  • 6:00pm: Doors open

  • 6:15pm: Greetings!

  • 6:30pm: Presentations begin

  • 8:00pm: Meet and mingle with our speakers

Special thanks to Celo for being an amazing venue partner and hosting this event!

Please be advised: Unfortunately, space is quite limited at these community events and we can not always accept everyone we would like to. If you are not accepted to this event, please keep applying! We appreciate your application tremendously and we are looking forward to seeing you at a future event very soon!

MLOps Community fills the swiftly growing need to share real-world Machine Learning Operations best practices from engineers in the field. While MLOps shares a lot of ground with DevOps, the differences are as big as the similarities. We needed a community laser-focused on solving the unique challenges we deal with everyday building production AI/ML pipelines. We’re in this together. Come learn with us in a community open to everyone. Share knowledge. Ask questions. Get answers.

Modal Labs: Modal makes it easy to run code in the cloud, whether it's GenAI inference or web scraping. Get started with $30/month of free credits and join, Cognition Labs, Ramp, and other companies building the next generation of software!

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San Francisco, California