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How Women-Led Funding is Changing the Game | Startup Women

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This is the first of five webinars Startup Canada will host, as part of the Startup Women 2023 program. These webinars aim to support the business development of women-identifying entrepreneurs and give them the tools and know-how to navigate the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. 

There is a growing number of women-led investment funds in Canada that are specifically interested in funding women founders, a group often grossly underinvested in. Research shows that when a woman is at the table, a fund is twice as likely to invest in a women-led start-up. Meet some of the women leaders who sit at these funding tables.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
12 - 1 PM EST

Cathy Bennett : Co-founder and Managing Partner, Sandpiper Ventures
Danielle Graham: Co-Founder, The Firehood
Kimberly Yeung: Partner in VC branch, BDC

Early-stage, women-identifying entrepreneurs looking to learn more about funding opportunities for Women in Canada and build their network with key figures within this space.

The Startup Women program is powered by Startup Canada, co-presented by The Scotiabank Women Initiative and UPS, and in partnership with EDC and Mastercard and a community of ecosystem partners.