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ICP Asia Alliance Launch Event

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Come and be a part of this exclusive event as we unveil the ICP Asia Alliance in Hong Kong.

At this event, you'll have the chance to:

  • Connect: Network with the DFINITY Foundation team, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

  • Discover: Gain valuable insights from Dominic Williams on the Internet Computer and its fast-growing ecosystem.

  • Engage: Learn about the latest Web3 and AI developments and future initiatives through a series of captivating panel discussions and networking moments scheduled for the evening.

♾️ build on the network, fully on-chain! 

ICP Asia Alliance Launch Event 


17:00 - Doors Open

17:30 - Welcome Remarks

  • Nikita Sachdev, Founder & CEO, Luna Media Corporation

17:35 - Welcome Keynote - Cypherspace as cloud 3.0

  • Dominic Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist, DFINITY Foundation

17:50 - Panel: Asia’s Role in the Future of Web3 & AI

  • Lomesh Dutta, VP of Growth, DFINITY Foundation

  • Victor Yim, Head of Fintech, Cyberport

  • Isaac Tse, Senior Manager, HKSTP

  • Eugene Sun, CEO & Managing Partner, Blue Rabbit

  • Moderated by Matt Haldane (Moderator) Editor, South China Morning Post

18:20 - Panel: Web3 & AI Investment Trends

  • Jupiter Zheng, Partner, Hashkey Group

  • Gavin Wang, Partner, SNZ Capital

  • Poseidon Ho, Founding Partner, Outliers Fund

  • Calvin Ng, General Partner, Plutus

  • Moderated by Eileen Zhang (Moderator) Advisor to PANONY and PA News

18:50 - Break & Networking

19:05 - Talk - The first non-custodial, browser-based, multi-chain crypto wallet 

  • Jan Camenisch, CTO, DFINITY Foundation

19.12 - Panel: The Future of Web3 & AI Applications

  • Brutoshi, Co-Founder & CEO, AstroX

  • Kirill Solodskikh, Co-Founder,

  • Tiger Wu, Co-Founder, Shiku Foundation

  • Greg Kuebler, Head of UX, SingularityNet

  • Moderated by Jayne Chan (Moderator) Head of StartmeupHK

19:45 - Meet the ICP.Hubs in Asia

  • Aaron Ting, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub Singapore

  • Iana Pugachova, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub Malaysia

  • Nelson Lumbres, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub Philippines

  • Jake Park, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub South Korea

  • Bruno Calabretta, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub Indonesia

  • Ryan He, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub Hong Kong 

  • Darren Wang, Co-Founder, ICP.Hub Hong Kong 

  • Moderated by Nikita Sachdev, Founder & CEO, Luna Media Corporation

19:55 - ICP Asia Alliance Soirée With A View

📍Location: Hong Kong (Address will be shared to confirmed guests only)


The ICP Asia Alliance is at the forefront of fostering a vibrant Web3 and AI ecosystem in Asia. 

With an ambitious vision to drive the adoption of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain technology across the region, the ICP Asia Alliance brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including Government organizations, investors, tech entrepreneurs, universities, developers and communities.

By establishing a platform for collaboration, education, and innovation, the ICP Asia Alliance aims to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to harness the transformative power of Web3 and AI technologies.


The ICP Asia Alliance will create a robust and interconnected ecosystem, accelerating the development and implementation of cutting-edge Web3 and AI solutions, promoting education and awareness, and fostering collaboration among its diverse stakeholders in Asia.

​The ICP Asia Alliance enables the establishment of strategic ICP.Hubs across the region, which foster seamless interactions and regional collaboration among community members, ensuring that the unique challenges faced by local markets are addressed while contributing to the collective goal of the ICP Asia Alliance.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hong Kong!