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Discovering Modern Board Games: Ask Me Anything with Karl Fast

Hosted by Information Architecture (IAC) conference & Karl Fast
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We are living through a board game renaissance. While the pandemic bumped sales by 20% or more, designer board and card games have been growing steadily for over two decades. The most popular titles, such as Ticket to Ride and 7 Wonders, are now easy to find at Target, Barnes & Noble, and other large retailers. But with more than three thousand new games published each year the options are immense. It can be overwhelming.

This AMA-style session will help you navigate the world of modern board games and help you discover great games. The session will begin with a short presentation on the overall landscape, types of games, and things to look for. Then you can ask your questions about board games: where to find them, how to learn more, specific recommendations, the annual IAC game night, and more.

👋 Meet the speaker

Karl Fast has been exploring modern board games since 2009 and plays hundreds of games each year. He is the host of the annual IAC game night, a frequent speaker at the IAC, and has attended the conference annually since 2002.

📅 Join Karl for game night at the 2021 IAC: the information architecture conference