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Group Mentoring: Day 1

Hosted by Information Architecture (IAC) conference & 3 others
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Whether you are senior-level or just starting a new UX career, there will be an opportunity to receive great mentorship from colleagues. During each session, there will be three categories to choose from: 

  • New to UX / Career Changers

  • Mid-Sr Level UXers

  • Freelancers / Consultants

We will be offering three 1-hr Group Mentoring sessions. Each session will include mentors who have extensive years of experience in the UX industry. Mentoring will take place in groups of 1 mentor to 6-7 mentees.

👋 Meet the Mentors

New to UX or Career Changers

  1. Anita Cheng

  2. Carol Smith

Mid-Sr level UXers about Career Development

  1. Amy Márquez

  2. Christian Crumlish

  3. Patrick Neeman

UX Freelancers/Consultants

  1. Mags Hanley

  2. Louis Rosenfeld

Please note that these groupings are subject to change.

📅 This event is hosted by the 2021 IAC: the information architecture conference. IAC21 conference registration is required. More information at: