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Ask Me Anything - How to start a podcast with Kirsti McNabney

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In this session Kirsti McNabney will spill all the BTS secrets of what you need to know about starting a podcast – from how the heck it even works to what recording tools you need, how to get your first guest and more. 

And she’ll also leave the floor open for anyone to ask questions so you can become confident enough to take the first step!

Kirsti is a marketing strategist and the host of the Thinking About podcast.

After years of thinking about having her own podcast, she finally started one in 2022. And managed to earn a spot in the top 10% of most globally shared podcasts in the 2022 Spotify Wrapped. With just under 50 episodes in about a year, she has hosted guests like Danielle Robay, Siff Haider, Scout Sobel and more.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take the first step bringing your podcast from a dream to reality

  • The equipment you need to record, edit and host your podcast (without breaking the bank)

  • Tips on pitching to get your first guests, brainstorm topics and asking great questions