Cover Image for Builder's Lego Mixer: Build on D/Infra
Cover Image for Builder's Lego Mixer: Build on D/Infra
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Builder's Lego Mixer: Build on D/Infra

Hosted by POKT Network & 7 others
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About Event

Take time out from the hacking and hustling to chill out with us and other devs - there will be drinks, food, plentiful lego, and lots of good people.

There will also be fireside chats with battle-tested builders and leading d/infra projects.

Schedule for Talks

16:30: How to mature without losing our soul?!

  • Moderator: Zak Cole

  • Panelists: Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin), Pat McGowan (Number Group), Alex Pruden (Aleo)

17:00: Scaling Web3 projects!

  • Moderator: Adrienne Youngman

  • Panelists: Conor O'Hara (Celestia), Ganesh Swami (Covalent), Peter Mitchell (SEDA), Zhen Yu Yong ((Web3 Auth)

17:30: Product Spotlight with Seda & Storj

18:00: What's all the fuss about DePIN?!

  • Moderator: Ren Kong, Blockworks

  • Panelists: Ganesh Swami (Covalent), Jasper de Gooijer (SEDA), John Gleeson (Storj), Dermot O'Riordan (POKT Network), Kanishk Khurana (Fleek)

19:00: Product Spotlight with Fleek & Covalent

19:30: Unlocking Real World Adoption

  • Moderator: Red Sheehan

  • Panelists: Ben Golub (Storj), Dalton Coder (Fleek), Shannon Wells (Livepeer), Matt Hamilton (Filecoin)

20:00: What's up with Web3 and AI?

  • Moderator: Anand Iyer

  • Panelists: Mark Rydon (Aethir), Ben Fielding (Gensyn), Mike O'Rourke (POKT Network / Grove)

20:30: Product Spotlight with Gensyn and Aethir

Bigsby's Folly Craft Winery & Restaurant
3563 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80216, USA
1,252 Going