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✍🏾Writeshop 👅Taste the flavours of life

Hosted by Bureau Tw!st
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Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
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Prepare for an inspiring and tantalizing experience. Join us for a unique reflective writeshop where flavors become symbols of life's events and emotions.

Immerse yourself in a slow-paced experience of sour, bitter, sweet, and spicy flavors as you explore the art of reflective writing.
Let your taste buds awaken memories and emotions, igniting your creativity.

Guided by Nohad & Sara, you'll embark on a journey of self-expression. Through sensory tasting and writing exercises, we'll delve into the depths of your personal narrative, connecting with the essence of each flavor.

No prior writing experience is necessary. This workshop welcomes all backgrounds and skill levels, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

✅What to expect:

  • Engaging writing exercises

  • Connection with fellow participants

  • Your own mini-zine full with self reflections to take home

👜 What to bring

  • Bring one item to share that tastes either sour, sweet, bitter or spicy. Other participants will taste the item you share. 

  • Bring your favorite pen for writing, and your own notebook to write your reflections in. Plus any craft materials you expect would be nice to use when decorating your min-zine.

Please note that these writeshops are try-outs so donation based and low-key.

Donations are welcome so Nohad can continue doing her wonderful work in Lebanon, Turkey and region. We also encourage you to bring your own materials, beverage/food, talents and brilliant self 😉

Your hosts: Nohad
Nohad Elhajj is a skilled facilitator at Perspectivity, specializing in process facilitation, capacity building, and project management. With a passion for creating connections and fostering transformative change, Nohad’s experience spans the private, development, and creative sectors. Their expertise lies in utilizing innovative participatory methods and tools to bring about system-level change. Through their work, Nohad aims to amplify diverse voices and empower individuals to shape personal and collective transformations.

Your host: Sara
Sara Huang combines Taiwanese roots with Dutch directness. Sara specializes in designing and crafting transformational spaces for people to recharge, reimagine and reshape a better future together. To truly make the invisible seen and the unspoken heard, she believes that we need to work together — embodied, aware, and trusting each other. As a human-centered facilitator, heart-based consultant and designer of experiential spaces she spends her days helping teams thrive by bringing awareness to what is happening within the group and how it impacts one another.