MIDWEEK March 9: Guinevere Lindley Janes | Where are our Esthers and Hadas?



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"Who's to say ?-you may have come [into the world]for just this moment" Esther 13:4-14 In creating a new "normal", how is Spirit asking you to change? What does God need you to do in this moment, what is your work? What barriers exist within you that might prevent you from doing the work God is calling you to do? How can you overcome them? In this MIDWEEK, we will explore these questions and more.

Guinevere Lindley Janes graduated from Earlham College. She went on to study African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After being diagnosed with a neurological disease, Guinevere relocated to the Philadelphia area for treatment. Currently, Guinevere serves as clerk of Quaker Religious Education for Media Meeting and writes about living with an invisible disability.

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