RevOps Hangout with the ROC! Topic: The Evolution of Marketing Metrics in 2022



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You started this year with an idea of what should happen. You picked out the important metrics, built out a team, and got to work. 6 months later and everything has changed! Your priorities, your team make up, even your product. So how do you know what metrics to focus on for the rest of the year? Do you stick with what you originally built out? Burn it all down and start from scratch? Or something in between?

One of the biggest values of these Hangouts is the ability to compare your approach to others in your space. So we are calling out all of the Marketers and Marketing-Adjacent folk to join us as we compare important metrics and benchmark against each other. This type of group collaboration is how we learn and grow together!

While this Hangout is focused on marketers, all other functions are welcome to join. Your perspectives will be helpful as we all know that Marketing does not work in a vacuum. The metrics that matter to Marketing should affect the rest of the team. 

This hangout will feature two rooms to split the convo:

**Room 1:** SMB to Midsize Marketing Teams - This is for any of the small and growing marketing teams that are just setting up their first major dashboards and still deciding what metrics matter.

**Room 2:**  Midsize to Enterprise Marketing Teams - Larger orgs will be in here! This room is for everyone that already has a robust reporting engine and wants to compare approaches. 

Come to meet other folks from the RevOps Co-op. Ask questions, share ideas, and make new friends. There’s a lot we can learn from each other’s experiences. That’s the power of community!

This is an interactive session. No slides, no demos - just sharing experiences and helping each other.

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