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How to Identify Your Niche for Freelancers

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Are you a freelancer who just hasn’t had your ‘Aha’ moment yet?!

Have you been freelancing and now you’re stuck trying to figure out what your niche is? Figuring out what you’re good at and what gets you excited and then translating that into your specific offering can be really difficult. You don’t want to lose business, but also don’t want to continue to do work that’s unfulfilling. So what to do? 

We’re bringing you a workshop to help you define what we’ve coined ‘majors’ and ‘minors’. We want to help you understand a bit more about what’s working for you, why it’s working for you, and how to lean into more work like that. 

​Join us for this workshop led by Zeit co-founders as they dive into things like:  

  • ​An explanation of what majors and minors are and why you need them to hone in 

  • Understanding how to communicate your niche to clients 

  • ​Learn about why it’s important to double down on a niche

  • Learn about how to bolster new skills to bolster your niche