What are your best online dating tips?

Tue, Nov 23, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM UTC


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Join members of LVRSNFRNDS for a 60-minute open and honest talk facilitated by Sophie, our founder, to answer this question.

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​​❥ Exclusive to members and visitors of LVRSNFRNDS.
❥ Get a FREE Visitor Pass on https://www.lvrsnfrnds.com.
❥ Live conversation hosted on Zoom.
❥ OK to be late. OK to leave early.
❥ OK to sit back and listen camera off.

​​🤔 What to expect

​​You'll jump into a Zoom room. During the first 5 minutes, Sophie will welcome the group (without putting anyone on the spot), introduce themself and the conversation. We will then discuss the question. Everybody is welcome to participate as they prefer, this includes only listening.

​​❓ Questions we've discussed previously

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​​⭐️ Reviews

​​"The folks on that last call who are already in LVRSNFRNDS were so generous with their time, experience, and advice — it was great.” — Anna

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​​👩‍💻 Meet your facilitator

​​Hello, I'm Sophie (she/they)proud founder of LVRSNFRNDS and relationship expert quoted in Cosmopolitan and Bustle. I'm queer, Muslim, disabled, I love rap and cheese. I've always been curious about identity and relationships.

​​In this interactive talk, I want to share with you the magic of LVRSNFRNDS, a safe space where everyone is an inspiration, where I am blessed to learn every day from members of our community! I am looking forward to seeing you!

​​💗 Care

​​At any time, you can direct message the LVRSNFRNDS team in the Zoom chat if you experience technical issues or if you wish to speak up about someone breaking with our community guidelines and/or crossing your boundaries. We reserve the right to revoke anyone's access to the event if we feel it's for the best of the group.

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​​Drop us an email at [email protected]. if you think of anything we could do to make this event better!

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