Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 2-7



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Chester from Bloom Foods and Fred & Fran from Cranky Carrot Juice Co. get together & discuss chapters 2-7 of the book, Healing with Whole Foods. We will cover "The Roots of Diagnosis and Treatment" and "Dietary Transition."

Last time, we looked at Chapter 1 to introduce the main themes of the book. Check out the recap here!

At both Bloom Foods & Cranky Carrot, we strive to not only provide healthy, sustainable & innovative food options but also educate our community on the preventive & healing powers of natural foods.

Healing with Whole Foods brings together the authentic traditions of Chinese medicine, herbology & nutrition with current Western research on the therapeutic benefits of plant based diets.

Join us as we dive into & explore health, diet, alternative medicine & the healing properties of a variety of plant & animal foods.

Order the book new on Amazon, or used by searching online!

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