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Fast fashion: Globalisation, Pollution, and Human Rights

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Seeing fashion through ethical lenses is the only way to understand it truly. In this discussion, we are leaving the latest trends and designers behind to focus on the effects of the most polluting industry.

We will be with Ella Martin, the Ethical Officer of Sustinnoworx, a Waitakere-based social enterprise working toward social and environmental sustainability through circular systems and community resilience building.

With a particular focus on tackling textile waste, Sustinnoworx operates as a preloved clothing store and community sewing and alterations workshop. It also serves as a training space for Shakti clients (migrant women affected by domestic violence) to gain employable skills in retail and sewing, build confidence, and improve mental well-being.

Ella Martin educates these Shakti clients and the wider community, holding seminars, online and in-person workshops throughout Waitakere and Tamaki Makaurau, and online campaigning to empower neighbours and whanau to take ownership of their resources and environmental impact.