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Compress to Impress with Eugene Wei

Hosted by Foster
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Eugene Wei is one of the best technology and media bloggers on the Internet. 

He started writing a personal blog called Remains of the Day in 2001 covering topics across technology, product development, the internet, movies and filmmaking, photography, writing, and sports. 

Most recently, Eugene was Head of Video at Oculus. Before that, he led product teams at Flipboard, Erly, Hulu, and Amazon. His work distills complicated consumer tech trends not just from a product design standpoint, but also from a user psychology perspective. His essays on Status as a Service (StaaS), Seeing Like an Algorithm, and TikTok creativity network effects serve as guiding mental models for the tech community.  

In this zoom call, Eugene will reveal the lessons he’s learned writing long-form essays while building an enthusiastic reader base willing to explore new topics and ideas with him.


Eugene and Charlene will do a deep dive into:

  • Research, writing, and editing process: How does Eugene create leverage through compressing complex topics? How does Eugene reliably produce high-quality, long-form content?

  • Picking what to write about: How does Eugene “seek to be a novice” and decide what’s worth writing about? What role does curiosity play in deciding what to write about?

  • ​Growth & content strategy: What would Eugene do if he was just getting started today building his audience? What social media channels would he invest time in? How does Eugene think about his overall distribution strategy?

  • ​Metrics & Success: Which metrics did Eugene monitor to gauge interest? Which metrics were not helpful? What does success look like?

As always, bring some coffee and a notebook ;)