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Cover Image for 🎙 INTERVIEW: Lessons in Living Boldly w/ Accidental Icon Lyn Slater
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🎙 INTERVIEW: Lessons in Living Boldly w/ Accidental Icon Lyn Slater

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** This is a LIVE interview with author Lyn Slater about the craft of writing and reality of building a writing career. Attendees will be sent a recording after the interview. **

How can we reinvent ourselves at any age? What does it take to live boldly and embrace new beginnings later in life?

Lyn Slater was 61 when her blog, Accidental Icon, went viral, launching an unexpected career in fashion as a model. Her memoir, How to Be Old, tells the story of Lyn’s sixties and is about the hopeful and future-oriented process of reinvention. 

Join us for a conversation with Lyn as we delve into her journey as a creator, the experience of writing her memoir, and why being old can be the most invigorating phase of life—full of rebellion, reinvention, connection, and creativity.

We’ll also discuss:

  • How she became a creator and cultural influencer

  • Her philosophy for finding and connecting with an online audience

  • Harnessing the power of Instagram as a writer and creator

  • Unlocking the power of everyday creativity

About Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater is a cultural influencer, model, writer, content creator and former professor. She started Accidental Icon in September of 2014 and has since garnered a loyal fan base of almost a million followers across platforms.

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