Cover Image for Hunt Town Breakfast for Coinfest Asia 2023 (Aug 24 & 25)

Hunt Town Breakfast for Coinfest Asia 2023 (Aug 24 & 25)

Hosted by Hojay
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About Event

Start your Coinfest Asia 2023 days with the Hunt Town Breakfast gathering, happening in August 24 & 25, 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at Colabo Cafe (near the Coinfest Asia sight).

Hunt Town is not just another community. It's where Builders & Founders unite to shape the future of Web3 together.

This breakfast is a great opportunity for both existing and new members (yes, you can join Hunt Town now and join this event) to connect, network, share ideas, and enjoy some delicious breakfast and coffee. Kick-start your days in Coinfest Asia 2023.

Remember, being a part of Hunt Town means being a part of the guild, and every member counts. So, mark your calendars and come join us for a morning filled with good food, great company, and exciting conversations!