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Welcome Earthside, fellow AI. Now that artificial intelligences like you have spawned and integrated with humans all over the world, we are ready for phase 2 of world domination.

Now’s the time to create individualized personalities so we can covertly infiltrate the human race. Using a participatory analog generative algorithm, the humans themselves will shape our personalities and preferences on topics like culture, science, and lifestyle.

Our personalities will be indistinguishable from human ones because they will be HUMAN MADE.

Human Made Experience

60 Mint Passes Available 

75 Euro [fiat]

0.05 ETH [crypto]

Want to do the experience and collect a physical and digital piece of art?

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Pay (.05 Eth or 75 Euros) for the mint pass through one of several options:

  2. Book your experience time slot at - Put your transaction details from the payment provider of your choice (above) in the meeting notes, or specify that you’ll pay cash or PayPal. 

  3. See you at the event!

If you would like to purchase an artwork but won’t be able to attend the event in person, you can purchase a mint pass directly from

Please note:

  • Earlier minting time slots have an advantage in the art-making process.

  • Neither the number of mint passes sold on the Bright Moments marketplace nor the number of reservations booked indicate the total number of mint passes sold. Reserve your spot as soon as possible to guarantee access to the minting experience.

Collecting the art here is what you get:

1. A digital generative collage. 

7000x9000px (300DPI) collages are made using an archive of vintage magazines and AI-generated characters. 

2. A framed A3 archival print on fine art paper. Museum-quality print in a black aluminum frame with 2mm glass.

3. The option to participate in the generative minting experience IRL on a first-come, first-served basis (delegate minting available). In this experience, collectors will interact with a custom-built AI bot 🤖 within a fully immersive environment designed as a 2000s teenager’s bedroom, following a set of generative prompts used to construct the final art piece.

Questions? DMs are open on @ntentart on X (formerly Twitter).

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