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How visual facilitation can change your life

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie
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Research shows that the average person spends 30% of working life in meetings. That number tends to increase the larger the organisation you’re working for and the higher your position. But what’s worse is that many of those meetings are so dysfunctional that they represent the single biggest timewaster in the workplace. The core issue is we often jump to action and start new initiatives without alignment on the problem and context, and on the big categories that need to be addressed. 

In this workshop Kristof will show you 3 simple visual facilitation templates you can use to align people and get more out of your meetings and projects. You can use it alone at your drawing table, in small meetings or even in large meetings. It helps to align people, maximize group intelligence and get to the right action.

The visual templates are based around three simple facilitation questions that everyone can use. They visual aspect help you to use them more effectively and draw people into the process. 

  • The power question - align on context and problems

  • The success question - align on outcomes and objectives

  • The action question - align on actions and next steps

Participants coming out of his workshops like that the visual facilitation provides insight and clarity on the problems that need solving, which saves time focusing on the right issues. It works for small teams, large teams, for personal coaching and even family therapy.

Kristof Braekeleire is a professional visual harvester, facilitator, trainer and consultant. He lives in Brussels, Belgium and runs JIXSO, his own visual facilitation company. He is also an active Drawifier and partner at Visual Harvesting. He started visually facilitating when working for HP headquarters in Silicon Valley (later HPE and DXC), focused on accelerating business transformations of large clients. He started JIXSO in 2017 and has since been helping clients in all industries with illustrating and facilitating their strategies and change programmes. His book 'Transforming while Performing: how organizations can find their North Star and get to act in days, not months' (co-authored with Olivier Van Duüren) will be published in July 2023.